Meeting Barcelona

Barcelona Piano

My 4 weeks in Europe was wonderful. After attending the Piano Plus Festival in Corfu, Greece, I spent 6 days in Paris and then 5 in Barcelona.

Barcelona was a vibrant city full of artists of all trades. It was warm, but since it is a coastal city, there was no need to complain of a little heat. I connected with pianist, Alex Alguacil and the timing worked out perfectly so I participated in a small festival held in Santa Coloma, right outside of the center of Barcelona. The first picture is from playing in a master class given by Professor Maria Jesús Crespo and the second my performance in a student concert.

I look forward to returning to this lovely city, hopefully soon!

Coming up:

Washington (D.C.) International Piano Competition - August 2019

Wittenberg University, Solo Performance - September 8, 2019

Family Piano, Solo Performance, Waukegan, Illinois - October 12, 2019